Social Security Disability for Coal Miners

When a coal miner is seriously injured, many times they will qualify for Social Security Disability.  If you’re unable to work because of illness or because you were injured in a mining accident, it’s important to contact a skilled West Virginia Social Security Disability attorney – there’s a good chance you’re eligible for disability benefits from the federal government. The financial assistance known as Social Security Disability – or “SSD” – includes monthly cash payments to those who qualify. In 2011, disability benefits were paid to over 9.8 million people in the United States.

Obtaining SSD benefits can be complicated and time consuming, however. According to recent figures, it can take an average of four months for an initial claim to be approved or denied. Even worse, most first-time claims are denied. That means most applicants have to ask for reconsideration of their claim and then go through administrative appeals that require even more time and effort to get benefits the applicants deserve.

At Underwood Law Offices, our West Virginia Social Security Disability lawyers can help coal miners get Social Security Disability. Our attorneys have years of hard-won experience successfully representing SSD benefits applicants. We know how the Social Security Disability benefits system works, and we know what it takes to prove to the government that you qualify for the benefits you need.

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About West Virginia Social Security Disability Benefits Claims

Many coal miners will suffer a disability before retirement. The Social Security Administration estimates that about 30 percent of workers in the United States will become disabled at least once. The Council on Disability Awareness says that over 25 percent of today’s young workers will face disability during their working lives. If you’ve had a disabling injury or illness, you’re not alone.

What Does It Mean To Be “Disabled” When Applying For SSD Benefits In West Virginia – Who Qualifies?

You must be totally disabled – according to standards set by the Social Security Administration – to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. The main question is whether you have a medical condition, disabling injury, or terminal illness that will keep you from working in any gainful employment for at least a year.

In addition, your employment history affects whether you are eligible to receive SSD benefits, even when you’re totally disabled. You must have worked in a job covered by Social Security, and you must have paid Social Security taxes from the wages that you received.

What Kinds Of Conditions Result In Total Disability?

Everyone’s case is unique, and the Social Security Administration’s standards aren’t precise, so it’s very difficult to say that someone will be considered disabled because they have any specific condition.

However, a wide variety of conditions can prevent a coal miner from being able to work. From our experience as West Virginia Social Security Disability attorneys, we know that the conditions most likely to disable a coal miner are: broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and black lung.  However, other disabling medical conditions and illnesses can include:

  • Arthritis Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Breathing problems, including asthma
  • Cancer Diabetes and related health problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Headaches, including migraines
  • Heart problems
  • Mental illness and emotional problems, including anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and schizophrenia
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Seizure disorders,
  • broken hips and bones,
  • brain injuries

What Kinds Of Social Security Disability Benefits Are Available to Coal Miners?

Several types of Social Security Disability benefits are available to disabled coal miners. Which type you might be eligible for depends upon whether you are a disabled worker, a survivor or dependent of a disabled worker, elderly, or you have limited income and assets.

Social Security Disability Insurance – Often referred to as simply “SSD,” this benefit provides monthly cash payments to disabled workers. To qualify, a disabled worker must have earned enough “work credits” based on their earlier jobs. The specific benefit that a disabled worker receives is based on the worker’s lifetime earnings. Disabled Widow And Widower’s Benefits – A disabled widow or widower may be eligible for special disability benefits after the death of a working spouse. To qualify, the person must be between the ages of 50 and 59, be disabled, and have a disability that started no more than seven years after the spouse’s death. Disabled Adult Child Benefit – This benefit, also called “DAC,” offers financial help to an adult who has been disabled since childhood. The child must be 18 or older, unmarried, and have a physical or mental disability that began before the age of 22.Children Of Disabled Workers Benefits – A disabled person’s child, stepchild, or dependent grandchild might be eligible for disability benefits from Social Security. The child must be under 18 (19 if a full-time high school student) and unmarried.

Are There Other Social Security Disability Benefits Available to Coal Miners?

Yes. Benefits are available for disabled persons who are blind or have very limited income and assets, and to eligible disabled veterans.

Blindness – A legally blind person who is unable to work might be eligible for SSD benefits or benefits under the Supplemental Security Income program, also known as SSI.Supplemental Security Income Benefits – SSI offers financial benefits to disabled persons who have limited income and assets.Veterans Benefits – Veterans who incurred injuries or illnesses while on active military duty may qualify for disability benefits.

Our West Virginia Social Security Disability Insurance Lawyers Help Coal Miners

No matter what type of disability benefits you may be eligible to receive, applying for benefits is a complex and often confusing process. Having the help of an experienced West Virginia disability benefits attorney can make the difference between receiving the maximum benefits you deserve, and receiving few benefits or even no benefits at all. Whether you’re about to file your initial benefits claim, or you’ve already filed a claim that was denied, you can get proven, professional help right away. You don’t have to fight for your benefits alone.

Contact an experienced West Virginia Social Security disability attorney at the Underwood Law Offices, Inc. today. Simply call us at (866) 523-0499, or use our convenient online form. We can help at any stage of your benefits application, even if you’re already appealing a benefits denial. Whether you’re in Huntington, Charleston, Parkersburg, Morgantown, Wheeling, Fairmont, Martinsburg, or elsewhere in West Virginia, one of our knowledgeable disability benefits lawyers is ready to begin helping you today.

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