Six Coal Miners Killed in 25 Days… In the 25 day period from January 26, 2013 to February 19, 2013, six coal miners died in coal mining accidents.  Four of the coal mining accidents happened in West Virginia.  One coal mining accident  happened in Kentucky.  One happened in Illinois.  Four of the coal mine accidents occurred at underground mines.  Two happened at surface mines.

The causes of the coal mine accidents included being: crushed by a bulldozer, struck by a hydraulic cylinder, pinned underneath a scoop,  pinned by a continuous miner and crushed while attempting to re-rail a shield carrier.  While these type of coal mining accidents are not captivating as a massive explosion that roars for miles underground like the Upper Big Branch blast, they are just as deadly.  Their results are just as tragic.

When a huge mining disaster like Upper Big Branch Occurs, the community, and sometimes the entire nation, mourn.  There is an outpouring of support from everywhere.  When a single miner dies, or in this case, six miners, it is barely noticed.  Behind the numbers, are wives, husbands, sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters.  Birthdays, graduations and weddings will be missed.  The victim will be missed.

Where are the grief counseling services, the statues, the anniversary memorials, the television specials when one coal miner dies or is seriously injured?  Does it take 29 coal miners dying in a coal mine accident to get our attention and sympathy?  Isn’t it too easy to overlook the death of one coal miner, or in this case six coal miners?

Let’s remember all the coal miners.

MSHA six fatalities in 25 days



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